Free Music Download File Sharing Risks You Must BEWARE Of!

Warning: Free Music Download File Sharing Risks You Must BEWARE Of!

In wanting to get free music downloads online, file sharing sites are one way to download unlimited free songs. But are they really safe to use? What are the risks of using free music download file sharing networks?

In using a file sharing site (AKA P2P and peer-to-peer) you are able to download all types of free files, including; songs, games, movies, TV shows, videos and software. Because P2P networks make it easy to instantly gain access to millions of songs online, file sharing programs remain in high demand despite any possible risks involved.

Using a file sharing site to get movies and music downloads can install adware, spyware, keyloggers, malware as well as a variety of harmful online security applications. It’s a pretty well-known fact that free music download sites purposely allow adware and spyware to be installed onto your computer as a way for them to make money from people sharing and downloading files from their networks.

Could Potentially Dangerous Programs Be Lurking Inside Free File Sharing Music Downloads?

In a word, yes. In the past, a file sharing site had only minor network problems to deal with. In the early days of peer-to-peer sharing, P2P networks had common issues such as; poor sound quality, slow downloads, damaged files, corrupt or poorly managed databases, deceptive links, and pop-up ads.

Nowadays, potentially dangerous programs are purposely included in files downloaded from P2P network sites. These files are included without your knowledge or permission. This exposure to greater risks and Internet security threats require that people stay vigilant and on-guard 24/7 against all types of downloading hazards.

Here are the dangerous files and risks that you can potentially expose yourself to when using file sharing networks:

  • Adware, Spyware and Malware
  • Viruses, Worms, and Trojans
  • Corrupt MP3 Spoofing Files
  • Identity Theft Programs, Keyloggers and Online Hackers
  • Lewd Pornography or Profanity Files

This is why you must always use safety precautions when downloading any file from the web; especially if you’re downloading from a free P2P file sharing site online. However, as annoying as those problems were, they are next to nothing when you compare them with free music downloads threats faced with today.

What Are The RIAA Risks of Getting Free Music Downloads From P2P File Sharing Networks?

When getting free music downloads online, one of the most talked about risks is that of the RIAA lawsuits for breaking copy-right infringement laws. Over the recent years the media has covered many stories of Americans getting sued by The Recording Industry Association Of America.

The RIAA has been on a very active campaign to track down and sue people for downloading or sharing copyrighted material online. As serious as the RIAA (and now also the MPAA) lawsuits are, there are other risks when getting free music downloads that get less attention.

Tips to Stay Safe Downloading Free Music Online:

Because a P2P program works by downloading files directly from the computers of other network users, you can NEVER be sure that what you are downloading is truly safe. For example, many people are unaware of potentially dangerous files that are often mislabeled or corrupt.

If you choose to use a file sharing program, you should always be aware of mislabeled files. Once a “fake” file is opened, you could be hit with any number of threats.

Internet security professionals suggest you avoid files with extensions like .exe, .dll, .scr, .lnk, .bat, .vbs, .bin, and .cmd. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to keep your anti-virus software updated with the latest definitions – and to have it running at all times.

To Sum Up:

When looking to get free music downloads online, it’s important to “think first” – download second! As mentioned above, RIAA lawsuit threats and security risks are the top reasons more and more people are using legitimately licensed music sites. However, if you choose to use a file sharing site you should learn all you can about how to stay safe when downloading free music online.

It’s strongly recommended that you read the entire file sharing site’s security, privacy or ‘terms of use’ section. If you are unsure about the sites policies, or you have unanswered questions, email your concerns and get answers before joining. Many free music downloads sites also provide tips and help detailing how to download music safely online.

Legal Music Downloads

Legal Music Downloads – The Facts

Music makes the world go round and what makes every music lover’s world go around a little faster Legal Music Downloadsis the prospect of sourcing their favorite music at a great price. Cheap music is readily available through a variety of different sources but the best choices and best deals are certainly online.

Cheap music portals offer a huge selection to appeal to a wide audience of music addicts. When shopping online for cheap music it is always best to shop in an organized fashion rather than cast around erratically from one section to another; that way you are less likely to miss something.

Select your choice and click the button; it’s as easy as that. There are millions of titles available for CD and MP3 players to appeal to absolutely everyone with an ear to the ground in the music scene. Large choices are available in a variety of tastes from Rap to Reggae; Classic to New Age. There will be something there for you and served up at an unbeatable price via cheap music websites.

Music may be ordered both in singles and packs and dispatched to your door. Payment is made through a secure payment portal, although it is sensible to always check that payment methods are secure. Also check that mailing services are included in your purchase and that no hidden charges will be added to your credit card when processing payment.

The choice you make will come up in company with many thousands of other titles in the same category. Your title will display a graphic image of your purchase and also some information on how many titles are in stock and what the delivery time might be. Along with your chosen title, you might find the website offers information and delivery on other titles that other customers purchased when making the same choice. These recommendations are well worth exploring.

Some sites require orders to be made via catalog numbers, so ensure you copy and paste these numbers rather than trust your typing skills to copy accurately. Once you have your order, browsing and purchasing methods in hand you will find online shopping for cheap CD and MP3 music fast and reliable. It’s a great way to find cheap music and couldn’t be more convenient.

The competition is vast. But the deals and bargains you can get by searching for cheap music downloads are amazing. Take advantage of the web facilities offered when shopping for cheap music and listen to your favorites at a knock down price instead of paying store price tags.

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Download Free Legal Music

Download Free Legal Music

Looking to download free legal music online? Here’s good news…Using legitimate music sites are a worry-free way to get your favorite music downloads. The RIAA is actively tracking down and suing file sharers who break copyright infringement laws.

That’s a fact, and the best way to stay safe and legal when downloading music online is by using legal music sites. But the disadvantage to most legal sites is that you’ll have to pay for your music downloads.

So knowing that getting legal music downloads online usually goes hand in hand with spending money, does that mean you’re out of luck if you want to get free legal music downloads? No way!

There are plenty of musicians and Independent artists that give you permission to download music for free as a way to bring them recognition, and promote their music. They need the exposure, and you want free music – it’s a true win-win solution.

So here’s a list of popular free legal music download sites you can choose from…

Top Sites That Allow You to Download Free Legal Music:

Epitonic works mostly with small, independent record labels. Epitonic provides a searchable database of “Cutting Edge Music” in a variety of genres including; Rock, Folk/Acoustic, Hip Hop, Pop and Jazz. They give you a lot of free music and the download quality is top-notch.

2) is a very popular free legal music download that has over 100,000 Independent songs in their database that you can listen to, download and review. You’ll get access to free indie music from bands and musicians before they get famous, like Garageband’s member Bo Bice who, years ago, made it to the final two on American Idol.

With eMusic you can download free legal music when you sign-up for the free Emusic download trial. eMusic features over 600,000 tracks and hi quality digital music fidelity. They provide the hottest legal music trial anywhere giving you 25 free mp3 downloads without spending a penny. eMusic is an excellent way to download free legal music and get cheap music downloads.

Although not a large selection, at Amazon you can get some free music downloads from a few top musicians. To find the free music downloads section, just click on Amazon’s “Free Downloads” tab where you can browse some free music selections.

How to Download Music Online For Free and Cheap!